Company Profile:

Mizur Technology was founded in 1994 as the pioneer MEMS company in Israel.

It is A private company and is managed by Shay Kaplan.

The company operates from the south industrial zone in Migdal HaEmek, in the northern part of Israel. There are the company office and clean rooms.

The company is specializing in design, development and manufacturing of MEMS devices, mostly using in house processing and with utilization of subcontractors for processes which are not economically worth having in house.

The company provides MEMS devices development and manufacturing services where the design is done in co-operation with the customer or by the company itself based on the customers specifications.

The company also provides processing services to other companies such as Lithography, Etches, Electroplating, wafer bonding, dicing etc.

In addition,the company provides consulting and training in the area of MEMS design and manufacturing processes.

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